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Skein - Bound

Bound is the first single of Skein's upcoming album Deadweight, set to be released on 22nd of September, 2017 via Inverse Records.

With their sophmore album, Skein is taking a determined step forward, introducing nine new tracks of their versatile and atmospheric blend of metal.

First taste of the album comes in the form of Bound, a mix of beautiful melodies and the weight of distorted riffs. Accompanied by the music video by visionary Mikko Henrik Huotari, Bound is set to introduce what Skein in 2017 is and what Deadweight will bring to the table.

Produced by Tuomas Kokko / Recorded and mixed at Electric Fox Studios by Tuomas Kokko / Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Music by Skein / Lyrics by Juha Höyssä / Background vocals by Iina Kyttänen and Iina Souru
Music video by Mikko Henrik Huotari / The actress: Merja Koski-Sipilä
Band photography by Mikko Huotari / Cover photography by Gabe Farnsworth

Juha Höyssä - bass / Kari Ruissalo - drums / Sami Silvennoinen - vocals / Jarno Ojala - guitar / Hiski Marstio - guitar